Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

For Christmas my plan is to give bottles of homemade vanilla extract wrapped in a knitted washcloth and coordinating towel. I decided to start on the washcloths early so I wouldn't be rushing to finish them. I actually find them slightly tedious at times - I am gung-ho to start them, then it drags in the middle before I get excited to finish them (like my recent duck cloth). Hopefully starting early will allow me to not stress about that.

This is the first one so far. It looks green in the pic but in real life it's more of an electric blue. I'm doing what I think is a basketweave pattern on my size 6 needles with some Sugar and Creme yarn.

I'm really excited about my other WIP, my Serina cardigan. According to Ravelry I started this two years ago but the end is finally in sight.

I'm to the ribbing on the bottom - I have about 20 more rows to go on the body. I still have to pick up and knit the neck and knit the sleeves but I think there is a chance this could make an appearance this winter!

For other WIPs check out Tami's Amis!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

San Diego Vacation

Last week we took a vacation to San Diego. My MIL and FIL and my SIL and her family go every summer; last year we went for a long weekend but this year we wanted to take a little more time there. My BIL and his wife were able to get up there too so for a few days we had the whole family there.

Our first day was a travel day so we didn't get to do much but we did get there in time to see fireworks. My in laws were close enough to Seaworld that we were able to see the nightly fireworks. C used my phone and took a few pictures (okay a lot of pictures).


Day 2 was a trip to Pacific beach with most of the family. The boys and I had a great time, although I did take a tumble and scraped up my knee (still messed up a week later!)

The boys also learned how to fish - sort of. My mother in law tried to teach them but it mostly resulted in squeals over worms and tangled lines, no fish.

Day 3 was our Legoland visit. One of the new features is a behind the scenes feature of the Lego Movie, including the actual set. Plus the boys got to meet Wyld Style.

We also found a cool Mexican food restaurant to eat at in Carlsbad after we left the park.

The next day we took a tour of the USS Midway, then hopped aboard the Coronado Island ferry. Plus that evening we grabbed some froyo!

Our last full day was another day back at the beach with family and friends. After we got cleaned up the boys went to hang with my mother in law while E and I got to go out. E was nice enough to stop in a yarn store with me (the Grove) while I picked up some locally dyed yarn - my souvenir! Then we headed to Gaslamp. It was a bit nutty as Comicon started the next day but we still managed to find a good Italian food place and then a pub afterwards for drinks. Plus we stopped by the Ghiradelli store and got some chocolate.

Unfortunately we had to head back to Phoenix and the 116 degree temps the next day. But I had so much fun while we were there!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Finished Object Friday

Yay I actually finished a project this month!

I started this washcloth way back in February and finally cast off about a week ago. I wasn't actually knitting on it the whole time; most of the time it was sitting off to the side, waiting for me to get around to it. Nothing about the pattern is hard - it's actually a very well written pattern. I just wasn't motivated to work on it. However, once I finished it, I was very glad I did.

The pattern is Quacking Up and I knit it on Size 6 needles with Sugar and Creme yarn. Personally I'm a big fan of this yarn for washcloths. Cotton is kind of hard on my hands but for something as small as a washcloth, it's doable.

I'll actually be working on more washcloths in the coming months as part of my plans for Christmas too


Friday, June 27, 2014

What a Month

And I don't mean that in a good way. I've been MIA and not keeping up with this as much as I wanted to. But frankly June has been a rough month; I'm kind of holding my breath for the next three days.

The month didn't start too bad - J got his cast off and E and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. But they went downhill from there. I got a staph infection and ended up in urgent care to have it drained. A month later and I'm still being treated, although the end is in sight. Five days after the urgent care visit we had to say goodbye to our dog. Jack had a good long life - he would have been 14 this week - but I still miss him. He was such a good dog! I never thought we would survive those puppy years, but he grew up and became one of my most beloved dogs ever.

A week or so after that a stomach bug hit our house, taking us each down one at a time. At first I thought I was lucky, because C had it on Saturday and I was fine. But then Thursday afternoon I got knocked down for the count. This week has been fairly tame (knock on wood), just insanely busy.

Hopefully July is a little friendlier than June.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Looking Back, Looking Forward - 5KCBWDAY7

Last year I was not so good at keeping up with Knit and Crochet blog week on Eskimimi Makes so I don't have a Looking Forward post from that time to reference. I do however try to assess my knitting goals at the beginning of each year so I will use that as my starting point.

In this past year I didn't really add much in the way of new skills - the only new thing i tried was making clothes. I finished a cardigan but I wasn't super happy. My gauge was off (I even did a swatch!) so it ended up too big. I tried another item of clothing again, a shirt for my niece, which was a little more successful but I still think I have work to do in this area.

However looking back through my old projects I found that I actually improved my knitting in a few areas I had already learned. For one thing I became a bit of a sock knitting machine. Last year at this time I was on my second pair of socks. Since then I have completed those (bottom left), plus made some for my kids (middle and bottom right), a pair for hubby (top left) and another for me (top right).
I also got much better at stranded knitting - making hats for (clockwise from top left) my son, aunt and niece.

Looking forward to the coming year there are a few things I would really like to learn. I'd like to learn entrelac. I've downloaded a Craftsy class on the subject but haven't taken it yet. The other thing is Intarsia. My plan is to conquer that after the entrelac. Unless I need to sooner (there is a really cute Elsa and Anna doll set that involves intarsia that would be super adorable for my niece). I would also like to start crocheting. I know the fundamentals but my brain goes squirrelly when I see a pattern and I'd like to change that.

Search for 5kcbwday7 to see what other knitters and crocheters have to look back on and forward to.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Something a little bit different - 5kcbwday5

The challenge day 5 of Knit and Crochet Blog Week with Eskimimi Makes is to do something a little different. This is absolutely the hardest one for me - to shake things up in my blog. Last year I managed to come up with an infographic. This year I thought I'd do a Top 5 list.

So here are my five favorite knitterly things:

  • My Hiya Hiya needles, especially my interchangeables. Best money I've ever spent on needles. I'm allergic to nickel but prefer metal needles so my options are sort of limited. These fit my needs perfectly!
  • Sock yarn! (I may or may not have a problem with buying too much)
  • Being able to make things for people. This blog is well populated with things I have knitted for people over the last four years.
  • My knitting needle holder. I'm super proud of this since I sewed it myself. I was looking for a project to work on my sewing skills and this was great because it was all straight lines. Plus it's useful too!
  • The fact that knitting relaxes me. Picking up my yarn and needles is the fastest way to get rid of stress.
So that's the top five, on day 5. For other creative posts search 5kcbwday5.